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Should Teachers be Allowed to Carry Guns in Schools?

by Countable | 3.1.18

Following the mass shooting in a Florida high school that left 17 dead, there have been renewed calls for teachers to carry guns.

Countable asked you to answer that call—or hang up on it. Here’s what you said:

"This is insane! More bullets flying during a group panic is NOT A GOOD IDEA! If you think a teacher will carefully aim and shoot an armed gunman while the armed gunman consistently misses the teacher with their AR-15, then you have strangely confused the fictional TV shows you were brought up on with reality…"

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"Yes if they are properly trained and able. All licensed should be able to carry there. Just like just about EVERY other place. Mass shootings happen in gun free zones but never at the police department—I wonder why."

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"The federal and state governments can’t even pay us teachers the wages that are paid to others with our levels of education, updated books and technology for our students, and sometimes even dry erase markers for our classrooms—so how are they going to pay for the weapons they plan on arming us with?"

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"No brainer. Allow teachers to conceal carry. Gun free zones are shooting ranges for the deranged."

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"I am a teacher. I will not carry a firearm. I reject the very idea that we can’t keep our children safe any other way. American classrooms are not a place where gunfights should occur. Ever."

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"Absolutely. History clearly shows shooters target schools because they know there will be no one with a gun, except the lone security guard perhaps. If random teachers and schools staff are trained and armed, no more mass murders…"

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"I'm sorry to burst your bubble but if you believe that a "gun free zone" sign is going to stop anyone who has already made their mind up to murder numerous innocent people (murder and mass murder is already against the law mind you) then you don’t have the common sense god gave to a three day old possum!"

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"A fourth grade teacher with a hand gun is not likely to be able to take out a shooter with an AR 15 in a surprise attack on a school, especially in a school or classroom. Western gunfight scenes where the “good" guy gets his shot…are for the movies…”

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What do you think?

Since we asked you to weigh in on arming teachers, the president has suggested giving "concealed guns to gun adept teachers with military or special training experience." And a Georgia educator barricaded himself him in a classroom with a gun, forcing the school to go into lockdown mode. Has your opinion changed? Want to add your voice to the discussion? Hit Take Action and tell your lawmakers whether you support arming teachers. Then share your thoughts below.

—Josh Herman


Written by Countable

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