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Should Teachers be Allowed to Carry Guns in Schools?
by Countable
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  • TobyW.

    Well it's pretty obvious that all the commenters I've read so far are not gun owners, nor have they ever had any experience with them. I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of hate for my comment but do these people live in the same reality that I live in? How could anyone who is looking at this issue with common sense and not emotion believe that it is a bad thing to give our children and their teachers a fighting chance at stopping a madman with murderous intent in his heart from inflicting as much damage as he can before law enforcement arrives? I'm sorry to burst your bubble but if you believe that a "gun free zone" sign is going to stop anyone who has already made their mind up to murder numerous innocent people (murder and mass murder is already against the law mind you) then you don’t have the common sense god gave to a three day old possum! The only people who are disarmed by a “gun free zone” sign are the law abiding good people that we should want to be armed when that crazy would be mass murderer comes to school. I read a few comments that said “more guns is not the answer to gun violence.” I think more guns is exactly the answer to gun violence! But those guns need to be in the hands of the good guys, like the people that we trust to educate and keep our children safe while they are in their care. There are evil people in this world that are going to do evil things unless we stop them with force! Evil people WILL find a way to do evil things, so disarming the good guys is not only naïve, it is also incredibly irresponsible! I’m sure this will go unheeded but I suggest all these commenters start thinking with their heads instead of their emotions if they really want to make a difference!

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