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senate Bill S. 1982

Expanding Benefits to Veterans

Argument in favor

Greatly expands benefits for veterans and their families in areas including but not limited to healthcare, education, and employment.

Argument opposed

Costly, and further burdens an already-backlogged Veterans Affairs system that faces problems providing timely, adequate health care for its current beneficiaries.

bill Progress

  • Not enacted
    The President has not signed this bill
  • The house has not voted
  • The senate has not voted
      senate Committees
      Committee on Veterans' Affairs
    IntroducedFebruary 3rd, 2014

What is Senate Bill S. 1982?

Massive veterans bill supported by twenty military and veterans service organizations and sponsored by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). This Vets bill is the largest in decades and has become a victim of election-year gridlock, with Senate Republicans seeking to tack on amendments that would impose new sanctions against Iran while deeming the Democrat-supported bill too costly. Funds twenty-seven new clinics and medical centers. Makes VA healthcare more accessible for veterans without service-related injuries. Strengthens dental, chiropractic, fertility and sexual trauma care. Extends job-training programs and given veterans better access to higher education by making more of them eligible for in-state tuition. Provides better support for spouses of deceased service members and families caring for wounded veterans. 


Impacts veterans and their families in myriad ways.

Cost of Senate Bill S. 1982

$21.00 Billion
The CBO estimates that this bill would cost roughly $21 billion over the next ten years.

More Information


U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs: 44% Reduction of VA Backlogged Disability Claims (4/1/14)

Washington Post: Omnibus VA Bill Fails in Senate

Of Note: 

-On 2/27/14, Senate voted 56-41 to waive an extra budget point of order made against the bill – four votes short of what was needed to move the legislation onto a full Senate vote and ending floor consideration of the measure.

-This bill is an example of an omnibus bill.


Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefits and Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act of 2014

Official Title

A bill to improve the provision of medical services and benefits to veterans, and for other purposes.