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YOUR VOTE: Puerto Rico

by Countable | Updated on 3.25.18

Puerto Rico

Make sure your vote counts! Here are the critical steps to Take Action in XXXX:

1. Know the Dates

  • XXXX's primary election is on XXXX
  • The General election is on November 6, 2018

2. Register to Vote

  • Not sure you're registered? This handy widget will tell you whether you're on the voter rolls
  • Here are the requirements to register as a voter in XXXX
  • The registration cutoff for the primary election is XXXX
  • The registration cutoff for the general election is XXXX

3. Find Your Polling Place

4. What to Take to the Polls

5. Having Trouble? Get in Touch

  • The XXXX Official Election Center can be reached at 800-274-8683
  • Its email is XXXX
Powered by TurboVote: register to vote, request absentee ballots, and getelection reminders

Written by Countable

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