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Do You ‘Want The Truth’ About Trump’s Tax Returns?

Should Democrats pursue Trump’s tax returns?

by Countable | 2.8.19

What’s the story?

  • Two Republican members of Congress sent a letter to House Democrats, urging them to stop the hunt for President Donald Trump’s tax returns.
  • At the same time, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is arguing that Americans "want the truth" about Trump's taxes and “overwhelmingly” support Congress reviewing the returns.
  • The back-and-forth comes as an oversight panel under the House Ways and Means Committee conducts hearings on the returns.

What are both sides saying?

  • Republican Reps. Mike Kelly (PA) and Kevin Brady (TX) said that Democrats’ attempts to obtain Trump’s tax returns threaten the privacy of all U.S. taxpayers.
  • “We believe all Americans have a fundamental right to the privacy of the personal information found in their tax returns,” the letter reads. “This isn’t about the tax returns of presidents and vice presidents, but about making sure Congress does not abuse its authority.”
“Mandating the release of tax returns without consent is lazy legislating,” they added.
  • “Overwhelmingly, the public wants to see the president’s tax returns,” Pelosi told reporters Thursday.
“They want to know the truth, they want to know the facts,” Pelosi added. But “you have to be very, very careful as you go forward.”
  • “I’m not releasing the tax returns because, as you know, they’re under audit,” Trump told reporters in January 2017. "You know, the only one that cares about my tax returns are the reporters, okay? They’re the only ones. I won; I mean, I became president. No, I don’t think [the American people] care at all." 

What do you think?

Do the American people "not care at all" about Trump’s tax returns? Are you concerned about your own privacy being threatened? Take action and tell your reps, then share your thoughts below.

—Josh Herman

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Written by Countable

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