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Find Out What Congress is Voting On This Week!

by Countable | 1.4.17

At the beginning of each week, we present three real bills on the schedule for a vote, so you can tell your reps whether they should say 'yea' or 'nay.' We know, Congress voting on things? Shock!

So, before your representative or senators vote on bills, in your name, we're going to quickly tell you about what's in them and give you a chance to weigh in.

VOTE 1 - Do Obama's Final Regulations Need to be Blocked?

This bill would make it easier for Congress to block proposed regulations from taking effect during the final year of a president's term in office. Rather than having to pass a joint resolution to reject each regulation, Congress would be able to reject a group of them together.

Read more about the Midnight Rules Relief Act of 2017, and tell your rep how to vote, here.

VOTE 2 - Should Congress Have More Power to Approve (or Reject) Major Regulations??

This bill would require Congress to approve all new major regulations within 70 legislative or session days after the federal agency proposing the rule submits its final report to Congress. If a Congressional resolution of approval is not enacted within that period, the major rule would not take effect.

Read more about the REINS Act of 2017 and tell your rep how to vote, here.

VOTE 3 - Should There be a Catalog of All Federal Programs?

This bill would require the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to publish a list of federal programs each year that details each program's authority, the number of people it assists, how many employees administer it, and all financial information.

Read more about the Taxpayer's Right-To-Know Act and tell your rep how to vote, here.

Want to see Congress' full schedule for the week? Check it out here.

— Eric Revell


Written by Countable

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