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Your Turn: What Are You Thankful For?

by Countable | 11.23.17

It's a question we should probably consider every day of the year. But hey, carpe diem -- and this diem we should carpe is Thanksgiving.

Here are a few things we've heard thankfulness for in recent days:

  • Living in this democratic system
  • Having the ability to contact and express your views to your representatives
  • Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, conducting the Russia investigation
  • The right to vote
  • The freedom to demonstrate in the streets and express any opinion imaginable
  • The first amendment to the Constitution, preserving the rights of free speech, religion and freedom of the press, among other rights
  • Many, many other freedoms afforded by our Constitution

We're looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comments section below, and of course you can send them to your representatives as well, by hitting the Take Action button!


Written by Countable

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