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POLL: Should Betsy DeVos Have Been Confirmed?
by Countable
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  • Invercargillus

    President Trump has right to chose who he wants to be Education Secretary. Our public schools have fallen behind the rest of the world and even the past two Democratic presidents sent their kids to private schools over D.C. public schools (obviously they didn't think much of their education excellence did they?). Yet I'm being told what's good for us isn't good enough for you? Hogwash! If I want the option to chose a private education over a public one then I should have that CHOICE. Here's the big problem with public education right now: In the absence of competition, innovation, and inspiration how do you better something? Answer: You can't! Forcing all of our public schools into a homogenized pyramid structure under the Department of Education which answers to the President has failed us. It's time our public schools were improved with competition, innovation, and inspiration from private/charter schools. This will only force our public schools to raise their education standards (maybe even bring back the arts and vocational classes, from which funding has been slashed left and right). Then the NEA and teacher's unions will get the picture that by providing higher public education standards, then the taxpayer will CHOOSE them over the alternative schools. Competition, innovation, inspiration, and freedom of choice are God blessed American principles which make our country great. It's only appropriate these principles are restored back to American public education to give students the opportunities to be world leaders again, not followers.

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