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Obamacare Replacement Coming ‘This Year’ and More In Politics Today
by Countable
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  • dchen75

    Please think of all the people in Obamacare and replacing it so rapidly scares me. I depend on Obamacare and so does my 3 year son who was in the hospital for many days. It's Obamacare that gave him the best quality care and not cost us the little savings we have. I am a single father raising a 3 years old with low income and there are hundreds of thousands families that depend on it for a health living that's affordable to us. Take the time to make the changes. Please don't rush it this year. I have many incurable sicknesses that require constant monitoring. Please don't just take it away without a better replacement. Make changes but make smart healthy ones. Rushing into anything is never a success. And that's common sense. America is divided right now but don't add bankruptcy and high death tolls in to the equation. Please take actions in making this country healthy.


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