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POLL: Should Betsy DeVos Have Been Confirmed?
by Countable
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  • Lorie

    I am appalled by this confirmation. I guess I can go be a brain surgeon now with no experience or knowledge. It seems to be what is in now. White House jobs are extremely important and he (dicckhead) is nominating the absolute opposite of who should be nominated. I am literally scared for my life right now. Trump NEEDS TO BE REMOVED ASAP FROM HIS POSITION AND TRIED FOR TREASONABLE OFFENSES. Everyone should be removed along with him. He is Treasonous, a liar, a crook, he's using his position to make money, not to mention he's a rapist, a womanizer, and he's giving everyone a hard time and he still hasn't shown his tax returns. Last time I read the constitution and bill of rights, treason is punishable by DEATH. I'd like to see them all dead personally since they're ALL POISONOUS SNAKES and they are destroying America from the inside out. #Resisting isn't enough. You...the Law makers NEED TO FOLLOW THEU ON AT LEAST IMPEACHMENT OF Trump AND HIS ENTIRE ENTOURAGE and PUT HILLARY IN THE EFFIN WHITE HOUSE. SHE IS THE LEGITIMATE WINNER OF THE ELECTION! Yes, we are PISSED OFF. Do something. NOW! I'm ashamed of all you. Both sides. I don't love my country anymore. Government sucks. They all have blood on their hands. Ugh, you assholes. #FuckTrump


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