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POLL: Should Betsy DeVos Have Been Confirmed?
by Countable
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  • Michael

    As a current public high school student, thank you. The public school system is in dire need of change especially because it focuses too much on helping the below average student and not enough focus on advancing the above average student. Throughout the last years, the educational system has been controlled by people who have had plenty of experience which just ended in the federalization of the educational system which was unconstitutional in the first place. There is no way that all one hundred of y'all Senators could know what is best for my educational experience. I also went to a private school for eight years and it was unreal how easy high school seemed when I first started. There is no excuse for learning about nouns in high school. Also private schools are very beneficial in certain aspects because they build or moral character as well. I believe Betsy Devos will be a positive change in the American school system that is currently failing us.


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