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POLL: Should Betsy DeVos Have Been Confirmed?
by Countable
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  • Jane

    Senator Joe Donnelly & Todd Young, thank you to the one who stood firmly and voiced his concern on this nomination. Thank you to the Senator that listened to " the people". Thank you to the Senator that put our children's best interest before the money that could line his pockets. I am ashamed and disgusted at the Republican Party. Your willingness to vote " Yes" on EVERY issue, regardless of what is best for our country, our climate and our rights is predictable of someone who is being paid to do so. Our once great nation has lost its respectability and that is because of shameful acts such as yours. A cowardly act! Senator Donnelly, thank you for being a voice for most of us. And to " the other" one, you will not serve more than one term!

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