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DeVos Confirmed As Education Secretary With Pence Casting Historic Vote
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  • WDS68

    Ill informed people that have not suffered through cuts in funding at the public school level in favor of increasing money for voucher schools that do not exist in rural school district only in larger cities. In our state money for education has increased but that money has gone toward charter schools and test wide testing. I am not a liberal so please don't disregard it as sour grape but rather a real need to improve public education for the majority of students that don't have the choice advertised. To protect the public school from becoming the dumping ground for low performing students that can't afford charter schools. Or a dumping ground for special needs kids that charter schools won't serve. At least in our state the charter schools are not held to the same standards as public schools but use the same pool of tax money. Also I do not want my tax dollars to support religious school as a violation of church and state especially when they will not be held to the same standards.

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