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DeVos Confirmed As Education Secretary With Pence Casting Historic Vote
by Countable
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  • Chrissy

    Why am I not surprised that my Texas reps have once again put their own agenda in front of what's best for this country?!? To make this even worse- this vote for Betsy DeVos affects our children! I want you to know, I will spend every day until Election Day in November, protesting every single selfish vote you make and I will be at every single march and sign every single petition to go against the moronic judgements you are condemning us with. I have never in my life been more disgusted with my government than right now! What's worse- YOU HAVE CHILDREN! I guess having the money to afford private education, like what Betsy is so familiar with, means you aren't concerned with real American education. I am so disgusted with Texas right now. I can't even handle this frustration.

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