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DeVos Confirmed As Education Secretary With Pence Casting Historic Vote
by Countable
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  • Ben

    This is just... gross. I feel so greasy and in need of a shower having heard this news. I have never once been ashamed of or been scared to live in my own country, but I sure am right now. This was a last straw of hope that a large majority of the population was holding onto when it came to this guys cabinet nominees. We all thought that there was absolutely NO WAY that this dolt would gain control of our children's educational futures. But here we are. This congress has just become as much of a joke as trump himself. As much of a poop stain on this country's long and sinuous history. They will never make it past 2018 and they must know it because they're just following this rat king right down into the sewer in which he resides. I have two sons. One-8 and the other 11. Both are in public school. I. Am. Petrified.

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