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DeVos Confirmed As Education Secretary With Pence Casting Historic Vote
by Countable
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  • Cheryl

    There is something fundamentally wrong with the republicon party and their lock-step nazi ideology about everyone and everything good in this country. They are purely evil and corrupt and have installed an illegitimate narcissistic business man in the seat of the presidency by having operatives write corrupt code for six voting district machines in swing states. They don't care about America and its values - in fact they oppose American values at every turn and show it in their voter suppression, corrupt gerrymandering, press suppression, nazi pledges of loyalty from their house and senate members, use of other countries to cheat voters, and use of the presidential office for manipulation of the market - for starters... I hope they get their health care repeal and those who supported this illegitimate emperor wanna-be, lose all care and get mortally ill.


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