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DeVos Confirmed As Education Secretary With Pence Casting Historic Vote
by Countable
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  • NorthTexas

    I am so disappointed. I will remember how you voted when you come up for re-election and so will everyone else. It is too bad that you didn't side with your constituents and the future generations. We are not going away. It is time you started to listen. "DeVos has no personal experience with public schools. She has never administered, attended, nor had any of her children attend a public school. DeVos is uninformed about national educational debates around student assessment, yet will be leading the department responsible for setting national education standards. DeVos expressed unwillingness to enforce the federal Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, as well as federal regulations regarding reporting of bullying and harassment in schools, preferring to defer to states. DeVos has never worked for a lending institution of any kind. As Secretary of Education she will be responsible for administering over one trillion dollars in student loans, including over a billion dollars in Pell Grants. DeVos testified that she would not advocate for a total ban on guns in schools because there might be students, like those in Wapiti, WY, who need guns to defend themselves from grizzly bears. DeVos was nominated by a president that values loyalty. She may hesitate to pursue investigations against for profit colleges who are accused of fraud and abuse since President Trump owns a for profit university."

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