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Education Secretary Nominee Betsy DeVos Begins Confirmation Hearings Tuesday
by Countable
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  • Andrew

    I am a longtime educator, having worked in four different TX school districts both as a teacher and an administrator. I don't care if a republican or a democrat holds the position. However, during her vetting before the senate, it was clear that this woman does not know the first thing about the position, and wishes only to push her own agendas into our classrooms. What's more, she would not even be considered had she and her family not made significant financial contributions to GOP causes and campaigns. I don't need my senators to exclusively vote along party lines. I need them to represent the best interests of the state, including its students and educators. My senators failed today. I will not support them further in any upcoming elections. I think my Texas representatives are spineless for approving DeVos as Education Secretary.

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