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Education Secretary Nominee Betsy DeVos Begins Confirmation Hearings Tuesday
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  • Katie

    While the business of establishing learning centers is left to state and local entities, the department is charged with ensuring equal access to education for everyone. With that in mind, it helps fund a historically black college, Howard University in Washington, D.C., and two schools of higher learning for the deaf and hard of hearing: Gallaudet University, also in the nation’s capital, and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, part of the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, N.Y. This might have been what it was created for but it has gone way beyond that now. For example Common Core and the testing to Common Core. Texas has passed a law to make teaching Common Core against the law however what they are running up against is the testing which ALL states must do. This is very unfair and needs to be deleted from HISTORY. The people making this decision has NEVER DONE COMMON CORE and I beat they have never done math problem which are on the web so they can see the horrible way of teaching math to children. Have you look at the math of Common Core??? I vote for her so we can change and Get rid of the totality of that method of teaching. You can't teach that to children for it is not logical to them at all and makes them stop doing math when they were dong a great job before common Core. Notice the Private Schools do not teach anything regarding common Core. They use the old ways with new subjects to get that information across and where to all the parents want to go - private schools. Now to keep public schools ask your self why the private schools and can't we teach what and how they are teaching these children and raise our scores as well? YES they can if they can get everyone out of the class room to think they are in charged. Who are these people you ask well this is just a short list I am sure but here goes. Department of Education at the state level, The Department of Education at the Federal level, the NEAP (testing requirements), the TEA, the NEA, The UNIONS the Administration, etc. that is who is in the classroom with the teachers of the public schools. Now can you answer to all those people if you were a teacher??? NO!


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