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Democrats Plan All-Night Protest Ahead of DeVos Vote and More In Politics Today
by Countable
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  • John

    You wouldn't hire an accountant if they didn't know anything about accounting. You wouldn't hire a mechanic to fix your car if their only experience was driving one. I understand that there is pressure in expediting this confirmation process so that the Trump administration can be staffed in order to serve the nation's needs. The candidate, Betsy DeVos, has no prior experience, no knowledge, and quite frankly lacks passion and empathy for young and developing Americans that participate in our nation's public-school systems. Considering the controversy clouding her political donations gives hint to a tendency for special-interest agendas that are likely opposed by the majority of voters. Many of us in Georgia Will be watching to see where your interests lie when you vote. I'm asking that you please vote no for DeVos. Give our education system a chance to select someone more qualified and at least more genuine about their motivations in promoting public education

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