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How Can the Minority Party Use the Separation of Powers to Their Advantage?
by Countable
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  • Ken

    Congress has had a very low approval rating for a long time, in part because it does not get anything done. When will the political parties turn that around and start moving forward in a bipartisan effort? We can not continue to act like children shouting "he/she started it"! Change is difficult because it is scary. It is impossible to know for sure what the outcome will be when we change. However, there were many indications our country was not moving in the right direction and these concerns were voiced passionately by both parties during the campaign. So let's move forward rather than creating blockades to change. Let's try some new approaches and discard the failures and embraces the successes. It is difficult when we feel it is our "Ox is being gored" but we must keep an open mind, compromise, experiment and move forward. After all, democracy is still young and a grand experiment!

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