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Education Secretary Nominee Betsy DeVos Begins Confirmation Hearings Tuesday
by Countable
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  • Geraldine

    I urge you to take into account that the entire nation is watching you and looking for a truly wise lawmaker, who cares about those he governs. DeVos has already bought your vote, we know that, but now is the time to show your critics that you don't follow blind, money-backed party-dogma and instead show your constituency that you take us seriously. If you vote for her you better start working on electrifying your church-conservative base, because the rest of us - true Christians and Patriots - are on fire. My son is disabled and no charter school will take him and accommodate him. I need a thriving public school system. Shame on anyone who backs, supports or otherwise aids a re-segregation of children from Kindergarten on. We as a nation are better than that. Show us that you belong in the leadership position we elected you to. As a U. S. citizen and NC resident, I am your boss.


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