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Democrats Plan All-Night Protest Ahead of DeVos Vote and More In Politics Today
by Countable
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  • LenaBena

    Please say no to DeVos!! Why would she want a job that she's clearly not equipped for? Ms. DeVos please withdraw and let someone whose qualified have the job. To our Reps: why are you'll sycophants? Why want someone stand up and do what's right? I know you'll can't sit by idle and let all this mess happen?! I did not vote for you'll but someone did. That means they are trusting you'll to do the right thing. You are there. Do right by the people who trusted you'll to do your jobs. I was raised to stand up for right. All I see is discord and everyone looking out for themselves. This is very scary times for our country. Stand up and do the right thing. Put qualified men and women in these positions. Thanks.


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