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  • Laura

    Please vote NO on Betsy DeVos' confirmation. (If you already have, then thank you for fighting for what is right). Here are some of my reasons to request a no vote: Betsy DeVos would be a detriment to our nation's youth and ultimately to our future progress as a country. She is woefully unqualified, not to mention her proposed policies would put at-risk youth even more at risk. I am an ICU nurse and I see teenage suicide attempts all the time- these incidents will only continue to rise with someone in charge who is not willing to protect the rights of LGBTQ and disabled students. Further, Ms. DeVos has absolutely no experience as either a recipient or a donor of federal education funds. Her "leadership" will set America's children far behind the rest of the world, when only the rich and wealthy are being properly educated. No child deserves to be left behind. Please please do the right thing and vote no.

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