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Executive Order on Immigration: Strong Action, Uncertain Orders
by Countable
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  • Karen

    This is the first time in a long time I felt a little safer in my own country. I live near the Mexico border and if you don't think they are crossing illegally just come to my house. My place was marked. We have trash and clothes in our dry tank. When my little 6 year old grandson would ride his four wheeler out in the pastor heads would pop up out of the grass and scare him to death. They took the clips off of our back fence to climb through it easier. Our livestock would get out!!!!! We live off a major highway where they drove through two of our fences then abandoned their car because police were chasing them. This is not poor Mexicans coming throw either. This is drug cartel with not only drugs but kidnapped girls for prostitution. I know. I had to help some poor girls who were made to run through a mesquite filled pastor with no shoes and crying because of the thorns in their feet. So maybe if you'd think about the women forced into prostitution or the people addicted to drugs or our soldiers fighting for your safety. Oh I almost forgot our poor people and our veterans that can't be helped because the people from these countries come in and sign up all their wives and children for food stamps. And the people that are put in harms way because of them you'd think differently. All Trump wants to do is to be able to vet these people property to keep us safe. I'm glad about this and I can't wait till he builds the wall!!!!


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