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Democrats Plan All-Night Protest Ahead of DeVos Vote and More In Politics Today
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  • toriasullivan

    Proud of Senator Patty Murray from Washington State, as well as the other fifty senators that are standing up with her against nominated Secretary of Education, Ms. DeVos. Senator Crapo and Senator Risch, I urge you to do the same! We need a strong education system more than ever right now. Look at the students of Idaho. Look at where our state is ranking in terms of education. Then look at our current nominee. To be quite frank, Ms. DeVos had an absolutely TERRIBLE confirmation hearing. Why would you consider a nominee who has zero experience in the field of education, someone who knows nothing about higher education financing, someone who has no idea how to keep schools running efficiently or safely for that matter?? Senators of Idaho, I attended the Nampa School District all of my K-12 years. I graduated from Skyvjew High School in 2014. While I was fortunate enough to have amazing teachers and supportive parents, our schools truly had nothing. We didn't have technology, we didn't have books for all of my classmates and myself, some years, we didn't even have paper or the ability to use printers. Our students deserve better, and our community deserves better. Economy, infrastructure, social justice, etc. only prosper when our students thrive. Do not throw away the future of our children's education by allowing the revolving door to bring in unqualified leaders. Vote no to promote a stronger education system in America! Vote no to Ms. DeVos!

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