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Education Secretary Nominee Betsy DeVos Begins Confirmation Hearings Tuesday
by Countable
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  • Tish

    DeVos’ nomination is controversial across party lines – she opposes public schools, challenged federal protections for students with disabilities, and made no commitment to protecting LGBT students in her hearing. DeVos’ support for vouchers could drain public schools of desperately needed resources and divert them to private and religious schools. DeVos could embolden unaccountable private and religious schools through a voucher system, depriving some students of civil rights protections they would otherwise get in public schools and using taxpayer dollars to fund the religious education of students. Please commit to voting no to DeVos and to vocally oppose this nominee due to her lack of experience and concern for public education and because she is not a defender of human rights in the already much oppressed LGBTQ community.


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