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DOJ: Detained Migrant Children Are ‘Safe and Sanitary’ Without Toothpaste, Soap – Do You Agree?
by Countable
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  • Gail
    Voted No

    Migrant CHILDREN should have a BED TO SLEEP IN , be able to WASH their BODIES , have TOOTHPASTE & TOOTHBRUSHES FOR HYGIENE purposes EVERY DAY!! They should also be given time to play with each other like normal children and be given school lessons as well!! If these DETENTION CENTERS are not providing these essentials, THEN THEY NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED BY CONGRESS!! The people or corporations running these facilities are making a tremendous amount of MONEY and should be HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR EVERY PENNY THEY SPEND or in this case, LACK OF SPENDING and SOMEONE should be in CHARGE OF MAKING SURE THESE CHILDREN ARE TREATED WITH DIGNITY AND KINDNESS as well as GETTING THE ESSENTIALS THEY NEED!! The CRUELTY OF THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION SEEMS TO BE ENDLESS!! CONGRESS NEEDS TO STEP IN, NOW!!

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