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Trump’s EPA Swaps Obama’s Biggest Climate Policy for Narrow Rule on Coal Emissions
by Axios
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  • Jon
    Voted Oppose

    The previous 22 yrs were the hottest on record. 40 percent of the Arctic has melted since 1980, and what’s left is melting at an accelerated rate. Storms are bigger, more powerful, and more frequent. Wildfires last year were bigger and lasted longer. A city in India with the same population as NY is running out of water. We’re being told by experts that insect life is in danger of mass extinction. In light of those inconvenient facts, am I ok with an agency being run by a industry hack who doesn’t believe in climate science and tasked with protecting the environment, eliminating a plan, that at the very least, wouldn’t exasperate what’s already a disaster that could wipe out a majority of life on the planet? Hell no. I realize a lot of you old schoolers on here who support eliminating the Clean Energy Plan don’t believe in climate change and will in all likelihood be diseased by the time things like food and water become so scarce that we’re fighting wars over them. But I do care, and I’m not ok with this Robber Baron Administration gutting every plan that’s not convenient for their country club friends’ bottom line.

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