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Trump Advises Senate to "Go Nuclear" If Dems Block Gorsuch and More In Politics Today
by Countable
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  • Michael-OH

    It's difficult to seek a "moral high ground" approach with this President and with the Majority Leader & Speaker especially after their obstructionist behavior throughout Pres Obama term and in terms of Judge Garland's nomination. Acting like a child and then demanding your opponents behave like adults when it's convenient for you doesn't lead to bipartisanship. So until this administration starts behaving like adults and starts respecting the constitution and our system of checks and balances, it's is difficult to ask the Democratic leadership to proceed full speed toward confirmation. What does that mean? More gridlock, grandstanding, questioning, lobbying, etc and while it's unfair to Judge Gursuch, it's probably the only way to get this administration and republican leadership to be more respectful of the process and of dissenting or differing opinions.

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