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The DC: Asylum and detention reform, and... 🛐 Should we expand religious exemptions for vaccines?
by Countable
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  • John

    Over and over we hear it but I will reiterate. This Is Not About Personal Beliefs. This is a public safety issue. This is about children and adults with compromised immune systems being put at risk because of someone’s misinformed personal beliefs. I personally believe there is no god but I’m not stuffing it down the throats of christians. There is disease that had been all but eradicated that is making a return because of misinformation and personal belief that this parent knows better than ALL medical professionals in this world. To all these parents that believe this is their choice, fine play craps with your children’s health but keep your asinine beliefs out of everyone else’s children. It just pisses me off something terrible that these mouth breathers can procreate and I can’t.

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