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As Border Apprehensions Spike, Senate Committee Considers Asylum & Detention Reform Bill
by Countable
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  • Beth
    Voted Oppose

    While I support immigration laws reform, the type of reform I would support would not involve keeping families imprisoned longer, making a profit off asylum seekers, rising to deport people, or raising the threshold for claiming credible fear. I do agree that families should be kept together, they should be in safer facilities, and their asylum cases should be heard with urgency. I think it is a good idea to allow people to claim asylum without traveling to a port of entry as long as they receive a fair hearing. I also agree with supporting aid to countries where people are living in fear. However, unlike this bill, my idea of reform involves more immigration judges, caseworkers, Sanctuary Cities, immigration lawyers, release to sponsors and families, no more camps, no more military, more Border Patrol, disbanding ICE, more education, permanent citizenship pathways for DACA, those who have served in our military, no more children representing themselves in immigration courts, no more humanitarians being arrested or charged with leaving food or water for desert crossers, ICE and CBP agents charged with destroying humanitarian aid supplies, more education, recreation,medical and job programs rather than fewer and a stop to the limits on true asylum seekers and the erroneous idea this country is full.

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