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Trump's Nominees: Tillerson Confirmed, DeVos Loses Support as Education Sec.
by Countable
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  • Mary

    As your constituent, I ask you to please consider voting NO to Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. With no formal training in education, no practical experience in any education setting, and having no experience in administration of a public school, I don't see how she could be a good advocate for our public school children--who need someone who is open to more than just charter schools as an option. She has not the depth or breadth of knowledge for this job and you all know it. This has the appearance of a bought position. Please put aside your personal preferences and listen to your constituents. We are begging you to do the right thing and find another alternative other than Mrs. DeVos. She CAN'T be the best and only person in the world for this position. Obviously!


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