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Poll: Majority of Americans Want to Keep Abortion Legal, But Also Want Restrictions
by Countable
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  • Susan
    Voted Yes

    If you read the decision on Roe v Wade, it is clear the Court left open the possibility that Roe v Wade would one day be completely overturned. That opening is the fact that the ONLY way Roe v Wade could make abortion legal was that the Court did NOT have a legal definition of "when life begins". Medical science has been revealing that a fetus in the womb is viable, can life outside the womb, at shorter and shorter gestation periods. Twins were born this year after only 22 weeks in the womb and are thriving. Sonograms are showing fully formed infants at less than 12 weeks. Infants have a separate heartbeat at 7 weeks. That fetus has unique DNA that is all its own from conception. A legal definition of when life begins is fast approaching and then the Court will say that the unborn infant has Constitution rights including the 1st Amendment Right to Life. It is only a matter of time until Roe v Wade is totally overturned and the slaughter of innocent babies must STOP.

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