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Congress Flooded With Constituent Feedback and More In Politics Today
by Countable
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  • Pamela

    I'm a navy veteran who happens to be a woman and I belong to the LGBT community. Within the the last couple of weeks since Trump took office I can say for the first time I am afraid and concerned with the direction this government is steering us into. Not only am I afraid of my rights slipping away, I am terrified for my black, gay, Muslim, immigrant, refugee, or disabled brothers and sisters out there. Not to mention the children growing up to see the insane circus our once respected great nation has become. It frightens me that someone like Betsy DeVOS could very well be in charge of those children's education. Someone that has no experience in education whatsoever. Our country is turning into anti-truth and anti-science. More and more children are put into charter schools that won't teach children about evolution and that tell our children that climate change is not real. Those children will one day grow up and become a product of what they have been taught. Those children will grow up seeing how their president makes fun of people with disabilities and their president brags about sexually assaulting women. This is not OK! This administration will set this nation back decades. How is it even legal for this man to fill his cabinet with inexperienced billionaires, some of whom have ties to white nationalists? Democrats and republicans need to unite. Men and women need to unite. Black and white and brown and every color in between need to unite. Muslims, Christians, Jews, and the non-religious need to unite. Unite against bigotry, sexism, racism, and hate. We need to come together and teach the little ones watching us that this is not an appropriate way to behave and it's not the America we know and love. Let's come together and fight this bigoted administration and show them what democracy looks like. We all need to volunteer as much as we can to get educated, dedicated, and compassionate people elected and end this terrifying satire of an administration.

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