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Do You Support Congress' ‘Top-to-Bottom’ Antitrust Probe of Big Tech?
by Countable
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  • Beth
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    Yes, an investigation must begin, for several reasons. 1. Facebook and Instagram do not have any meaningful, sizable competition, and Facebook owns both. The amount of commerce and data they control through these two services puts all of us at their mercy. 2. There are only two smartphone environments: Apple and Android. Apple's costs are prohibitive to many, forcing them to buy Android. But Android doesn't have nearly the level of privacy or security that Apple promises, so again we're at the mercy of Google's Android with our data. 3. Amazon has an iron grip on eCommerce and is close to a place where it can unilaterally set prices, shipping costs, and distribution for all Americans on thousands of items. Other retailers don't stand a chance, and there's no way anyone can compete with Amazon's power in the long run. I'm not saying anything for certain has to be done (yet), but an investigation is definitely overdue. We must know where these companies are leading us, and how they will control our data and shopping in the future.


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