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Should the U.S. Legalize Prostitution?
by Countable
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  • Beth
    Voted Yes

    I am in favor of decriminalizing independent sex workers, thus freeing them to approach law enforcement for protection when they are abused or threatened by johns and pimps. Women forced into sex work due to abject circumstances should not be punished for trying to create a livelihood. However, pimping should remain a crime, as pimps often use violence and coercion to maintain control of non consenting sex workers. Sex workers deserve the same rights and protection as other employees, and any organized sex work employer should be bound by contractual and legal responsibilities to treat the workers fairly. Ideally, living wages and access to job opportunities should make the necessity of sex work for desperate individuals practically nonexistent, but until this country can provide that we need to protect the people who work and make it as safe and protected as possible.


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