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Trump Nominee Confirmation Calendar
by Countable
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  • Javier

    We are being duped by the Trump administration. Is the all switch magic trick. Look at this hand will Trump transfers our government to the corporations. It's a classic Corporate takeover of our government. Look at all the CEOs of companies being proposed for secretary positions. They are creating a smoke screen with the news media showing the taking of our rights as citizen like women's rights, religion rights, immigration rights, land rights, health rights, minority's rights, civil rights provoking and dividing so that the Republican Party while drunk with power having the majority vote, pass anything that comes trough there congress as long it is contradictory to the Democratic Party. Trump and his multimillionaire friends will impose regulation for them to make more money to stay in power and control the government from outside for years to come. If it is not a CEO is a failed politician, that if appointed to a position, will destroy or disable the effectiveness of the agency and with that its regulations. This administration does not care about the American people, they care about the continuation of their wealth and power. The proposed tax regulation will increase taxes on the middle class and reduce it from the wealthy. The only reason why Trump respects Putin is because he was successful in setting the Russian government mode as "Pay to Play" which means: corruption at its worst. Trump is trying to create a club atmosphere with only the people that go along with him and his racist way of thinking, will be aloud to join the club. Look at how these organizations are being treated: the media, countries, UN ( we are taking names! ) States, universities, companies, and next "pay my dues at the club if you want to join and play". We need to act now and use the 55 lawsuits in place in the courts to impeach the president and Vicepresident to suspend the secretary appointments. I propose we do another election and elect a president that is in tune with America. All this wealthy millionaires will abandone our country and take their millions to another country and leave us an economic mess like the Bush administration. Reduce regulation or supply economics creates over production of goods and services which in turn creates a resección for our country and the world, destabilizing hole economies and creating wars or fail states. We no longer live in separated countries, anything we do affects another country's economy and livelihoods. Walls don't stop people's from crossing nor jobs from going to other countries.Technology has connected the world and we need to learn to live together, and help other countries to be self sufficient so that we don't suffer from their scarcity of resources.


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