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Confusion Over Executive Order and Court Rulings
by Countable
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  • Ethan

    1) Yes, the Executive Branch has the authority to issue this type of Order. However, it's the purpose of Congress & the Judiciary Brach to ensure the Executive doesn't overreach their power. It works in a kind of triangle where all three Check each other's power so no one Branch over powers another that way we have a Balanced system to better serve and protect the Citizenry. 2) It seems our current President's education on the different categories of immigration is lacking. Geneva Convention require that we take in Refugees. There are Already very thorough vetting processes through multiple federal government agencies. If anyone has tried to get through 1 federal government agency, they would understand how arduous the process is & marvel that anyone can get through Multiple government agencies. 2a) Referring to Refugees as Illegal Immigrants is not only wrong & confusing but it's also dangerous. 3) Any Department of the Government that doesn't follow the Law needs to be investigated for corruption. If CBP is not adhering to a Court Mandate the leadership of CBP needs to be held accountable.

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