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Should Summer Camps Turn Away Unvaccinated Kids?
by Countable
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  • Susan
    Voted No

    Vaccines are an issue best left to the states and to the people. Every person's body chemistry is different and while vaccines are safe for the majority, they are not safe for all. The current resurgence of mumps, measles and other diseases, previously eradicated from the USA IS an issue for Congress. It is increasingly clear that this resurgence is due to the multitude of illegal aliens entering the country and bringing these diseases with them. Congress absolutely MUST get control of immigration. When Ellis Island was the primary entry point for immigrants, people were quarantined on that island until it could be proved they were not carrying a contagious disease. The federal government has FAILED to keep the people of the USA safe from such diseases, by the indulgent, wide open borders attitude that has been adopted in recent years. ALL those wishing to enter the USA should have to produce proof they are both healthy and capable of supporting themselves before being allowed in. THIS was the law for many decades before I was born and for many more after I was born. Lowering those standards has put the citizens of the USA in grave danger in many ways; not just diseases.

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