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Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Pennsylvania Transgender Bathroom Use Policy
by Countable
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  • Susan
    Voted Oppose

    Gender Dysphoria IS a mental illness. The vast majority of the population does NOT suffer from this malady. To subject high school teens to members of the opposite sex in locker rooms it totally WRONG. First, it is a violation of privacy for all those who accept the gender they were born with. Second, teen years are a time of confusion and many things are embarrassing or upsetting to teens without adding people who are clearly the opposite gender being in a room where one is likely to be undressed and in need of maximum privacy. Then comes the question of SAFETY. If "gender identity" is allowed to break the rules that have been in practice for centuries, then predators will "claim" a different "gender identity" in order to have better access to their intended victims. No reason whatsoever to allow someone into a locker room or restroom designed for the opposite gender than the body parts that person has. Most public places that provide restrooms have added one occupant restrooms without identifying a gender. Schools can also designate a restroom or locker room for the delusional who think they are something they are not. They certainly should NOT distress the majority of their students in some misguided attempt to "include" the mentally ill.

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