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Judge Blocks Trump’s Immigration Order; White House Seeks Emergency Stay
by Countable
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  • Whitney

    As much as some of you hate it, he is doing what he thinks is right and what he campaigned on. It was only a temporary ban until his administration can find a way to make accepting immigrants a safer process. You are completely ignorant think that ALL of the immigrants have the best intentions. Of course most of them are good people trying to leave a horrible situation by we must take care of ourselves first. The temporary halt could have been done better though. It is obviously biased and unfair to only target a specific religious group. If you're going to do it, temporarily ban ALL immigrants for a few weeks, figure out the new structure and implement it. All immigrants should be heavily screened. We should be copying Canada on these matters. We also shouldn't make it so much harder for a specific group (Mexicans) to become citizens than it is for other (mainly white) immigrants. This has been happening for years under multiple presidents and no one has spoken out about this injustice. This clearly the democratic party's revenge for the Republicans blocking Obama for 8 years. This is a childish fight between two failing and corrupt parties and you are playing right into their hands. The media has pushed to make the public believe they are bad people if they support anything Trump does. Obviously, you're bound to find one thing you agree with. We cannot start a presidency like this. Obama was blocked for years and it caused him to use shady tactics to get things done. This caused a great divide between the parties and people and now that divide is even greater. Trump may not be a role model individual but I know he doesn't want to fail at being president. He needs guidance from the Democratic Party, not to be shut down when he's on to something. The courts are getting too involved with politics. They should not have intervened unless it is proven "unconstitutional", not because of democratic lobbyists. This is a temporary ban, guys. Temporary. Make it fair, but I agree that immigration laws need to change.


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