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Congress Flooded With Constituent Feedback and More In Politics Today
by Countable
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  • Wendy

    I am a hard working, dual-citizen, with an immigrant mother that lives in WV. I am a mother of 4, including a daughter with autism and that is also bi-polar. Although my husband and I make a good living, it is essential for us, and others like us, to have pre-existing medical conditions covered and a great public education system in place. DeVos should not have a place in any position that effects our public school system. She is completely unqualified. We also need reforms to the ACA, but we need to keep the original intent of it, including mandatory coverage of pre-existing conditions and coverage until 26 under parents. I will not only be voting for whoever protects those policies, and will be discussing these topics and others I believe in with everyone I know on every social media outlet as well as in person at every opportunity I have. I will march and protest too. With this president and his picks, the rest of us will have to do everything we can to keep this country from disaster. Thank you.

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