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Trump to Circumvent Congress to Sell Weapons Benefitting Saudi Arabia, UAE
by Axios
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  • Jon
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    In a word? Disgusted. This Administration has proven time and again that they have no respect for rules, norms, or the Separation of Powers. We’re talking about a country where most of the hijackers who perpetrated 9/11 came from, and home of a regime that brutally murders political dissidents and independent journalists. And despite both Houses in Congress and a majority of the public proclaiming that they want the weapon sales to end, the current Administration has decided once again they’re gonna do whatever the hell they want regardless of what anyone thinks, while citing and twisting the context of an obscure loophole to do it. So that said, I’m pretty damn disgusted. Not only with the actions of the most morally reprehensible and corrupt Administration in history, but even more so with the refusal of either one of the other branches to confront the current Administration on any of it.

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