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Do You Support or Oppose Abortion Bans?
by Countable
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  • Beth
    Voted Oppose

    Disallowing women to be in control of their own body, their own health, their own lives is an atrocity! The so-called “rights” of a non-viable fetus placed above the rights of the woman is unconscionable. What is the next step? Will we now relegate women further into 2nd or 3rd class citizens? Will we now go back to the time when women could not negotiate any type of contract, with their legal names being Mrs. (Husband Name). The evangelical right appears to want to relegate women to a much lower status than men, and restrict women’s lives to that of an incubator. If this was only about abortion, there would not be so many restrictions allowed to block birth control. Men, who have a significant role in producing pregnancies, could even more easily & safely prevent pregnancy through reversible vasectomies, use of condoms, etc. Plus, I don’t hear any of these right-to-lifers discuss how to help women & children’s healthcare, education, etc. they basically only care that a child is born, not the quality of it or it’s mothers life...


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