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Republicans Introduce Possible Obamacare Replacements
by Countable
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  • P.Constance

    Both the Patient Freedom Act and Rand Paul's plan repeal the individual and employer mandate. Rand Paul's plan does even more damage, essentially repealing the requirement to cover preexisting conditions. The Patient Freedom Act sounds more palatable than Rand's act but it would be devastating nonetheless. We cannot count on states or -especially- insurance companies to create affordable, quality coverage without regulations and oversight (consider the restrictions on women's healthcare states have been implementing). If we aren't going to have a single payer system then the mandates to have or provide health insurance are the only ways to keep healthier people contributing to the risk pool so the insurance companies can cover those who are less healthy and still make the profits their corporate duties apparently require. The federal government needs to either enforce the individual mandate or cap insurance and pharmaceutical company profits. By some miracle the former is currently law. The latter will never be tolerated. So, let's keep the hard fought victory we have.


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