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Trump Picks Judge Neil Gorsuch to Fill Supreme Court Vacancy
by Countable
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  • Shari

    Like the rest of Trump’s appointments Neil Gorsuch is highly supportive of corporate America, not the majority of the people in this country. His judicial tenure is fraught with decisions that run against the the 99% of Americans. Judge Gorsuch has voted against clean air, clean water, food safety, drug safety, employee rights, gun safety (even siding with felons over gun safety). His stance on reproductive rights and LGBTQA are in line with Christian beliefs. Our country was founded on religious freedom and should not be legislated based on the religious beliefs of one group. Gorsuch has proven hostile towards children with Autism, believing autistic children don't have the same rights to an education. Gorsuch also supports corporations as people which is ludicrous. When corporations can pass the litmus test of being living organisms (breathe, eat, reproduce, produce waste) then we can talk about them being considered people. Do not confirm Gorsuch for SCOTUS.


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