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Judge Blocks Trump’s Immigration Order; White House Seeks Emergency Stay
by Countable
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  • Robben

    I've grown alarmingly concerned about the direction our country is going in. Everyone seems to be agenda driven; the most prevalent being "Us against them". While this prevailed prior to The current president taking office, the newly elected President, his administration and his party has put this mindset on unveiled display...its no longer subtle. Everyone touts standing for the people and our country's values while at the same time making decisions that have very little and often times absolutely nothing to do with either the people or our country. Votes are being cast in congress and the senate on the bases of Us against Them...or in the interest of your donors, supporters or lobbyist. What ever happened to genuinely caring about the future of our country and the best interest of its citizens? It's either been for sale or taken a back seat to pride and egos on steroids. The tolerance of our president from lawmakers is the most problematic and revealing. There has been so many displayed behaviors and conflicts of interest that bring into question his qualification to possess such an important position that it makes one ask why. Why would rational people be so accepting of what is obvious to the whole world as a major problem... who have we become as a people and as a nation... where is all of this going? If you all don't start making the right decisions for the right reasons but instead continue down this spiral... Americas future is on the course of self inflicted destruction... No, God doesn't need to Bless America.. ( he's not in the habit of blessing mess) America needs to get it together!

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