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Judge Blocks Trump’s Immigration Order; White House Seeks Emergency Stay
by Countable
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  • James

    I have read a number of comments and agree with all of them. However one needs to look deeper than this or any of Trumps actions. I refer to them as the sludge which prevents us from seeing all of the authoritarian actions that are going on behind the scenes. Additionally there are so many heresies to our Republic in quick succession that we forget issues of great importance as they fall from the news cycle. For instance we are no longer talking about Russia's involvement in electing Trump, nor is there much action on the Presidents enormous conflicts of interest. I mean do we really think a revocable trust means anything at all. So as you see this White House resident insult or say he's going to invade another country, think of it as I do, a way to reduce the Republic through an impenetrable darkness to an Autocracy ala Putin

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