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Trump Issues Executive Orders to Start Border Wall, Punish Sanctuary Cities
by Countable
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  • Nancy

    So he's going to use overburdened police forces in cities across the country to do the job of immigration looking for illegals? So how and when are these agencies supposed to be having time to police their areas to be cutting down on crime like he said would happen? Then they are supposed to use their facilities to lock up the offender & local taxpayers money will be footing the bill for all of this, not too mention the cost of holding these individuals. Plus taxpayer money will be going towards building a wall & building the "detention centers" which is just a PC name for internment camps as that's what they called them back in the day. Oh & also we are going to be over burdening our court systems that are already bogged down looking up all the people that are addicted to pain pills & other forms of opiates, which should actually be going to rehabs & getting help & not incarcerated, but we have to feed the prison system or else how are they going to make their money, i.e.; privatization of them = payola for elected officials. But, I digress just an example of how 1 simple act will be costing so much, in so many ways, that people don't get. It's just sad & dangerous times we are living in.


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